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Meet The Women In Automotive At Patriot Nissan

Welcome to Patriot Nissan! We're proud of our entire staff at our new and used car dealership and excited to tell you more about the women in automotive who help shape every department into the comprehensive automotive experience you rely on.

Meet Tina Lever

Tina has been working in the automotive industry for 27 years and is now the manager of our service department. She began her automotive career as a receptionist and worked her way up into the service and finance departments. Tinkering on cars in the yard with her dad and handing him tools first sparked her interest in the automotive industry.

An automotive program in high school initially cemented her interest in cars, putting her on her incredible automotive career path. Over the span of nearly three decades, she's seen the number of roles for women in automotive grow tremendously, including more women in supervisor positions.

She now oversees the high-end diagnostic equipment in our state-of-the-art service department. She is essential to ensuring that all of our customer's vehicles are fixed right the first time.

You may ask, what’s Tina's advice to other women who are considering a role in automotive? "Never underestimate what you're able to do. If you make sure it's something you love and are passionate about, you're going to succeed."

If your vehicle is due for an oil change, schedule a service appointment today! When you're here, be sure to say hi to Tina. If you can't find her, check to see if there's an import car show in town. That's where she'll be.

Meet Krissy Huttunen

Krissy's "always had the automotive bug" and co-manages the parts department here at Patriot Nissan. Before coming to our Nissan dealership, Krissy worked as a service technician in an independent auto repair shop, then moved into the paint and body world where she powder-coated and sand-blasted vehicles. The goal of working at a dealership brought her to Patriot Nissan, where she found a home in the parts department.

Her advice to other women thinking about a similar path is to "Push to do what they want to do." If you're thinking about anything from engineering to selling cars, you are valued in this industry, and you can make a place for yourself that feels like home.

The next time you visit our local Nissan auto parts store to purchase new windshield wiper blades or an OEM tail lamp bulb, say hi to Krissy. If she's not here, you'll probably find her drifting every weekend during the summer season.

Meet Erin Gardner

Say hello to Erin! She is the Warranties Administrator and Business Development Coordinator for the Service department. We are proud to say she began her automotive career here at Patriot Nissan four years ago and has thrived here ever since. Erin started as a receptionist, then quickly advanced to roles in the accounting and service departments, and is now the Warranty Administrator for the store.

With a background in hospitality, she pursued a change in careers, and we're glad she did. Erin cites her automotive career as the experience that gave her the confidence to be more outgoing and achieve unparalleled customer service.

If other women are looking for a career in automotive, Erin's advice is “to be open to learning, start small, and work your way up. There is always room to grow.”

More About Patriot Nissan

We provide a supportive environment for our team and customers. We work together to create a cohesive team. We're ready to meet with you and discuss any open positions when you're ready to join us.

If you are looking for automotive careers for women, we encourage you to meet some of the women in the automotive industry currently employed at our dealership, then apply for careers and employment.

Maybe you're looking for your first job in the automotive industry or that next position that will grow your career. Either way, there are many benefits to working at our Nissan dealership. We offer a fun place to work, a transparent ladder for growth, and enjoy promoting from within. We hope you'll learn more about us and consider being one of the women in automotive technology at our full-service auto dealership.