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Vehicle Protection Plans In Salem, NH

The world of used and new cars is an exciting one full of amazing deals and more reliability than you can imagine. You get a car that you've expertly financed, and you get to take it home to enjoy all the wonderful power, tech, safety, and design features. How delightful!

However, when you lay your head down to sleep, we know certain thoughts can creep in, "What if something happens to my car? Will I be covered if this happens? What am I going to do if my car is out of commission?" At Patriot Nissan in Salem, NH, we get out our vehicle protection plans to do battle with the "what-if" those ideas in your mind, and we win every time.

What is a Vehicle Protection Plan?

A vehicle protection plan, or VPP, is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. But let's get a little deeper. Vehicle protection plans are like contracts that work to protect you from unforeseen costs in the event that any kind of repair is necessary for your vehicle (or your vehicle is lost entirely). They make sure that, no matter what has happened, you'll be able to pay for your repair and get your car back in working order quickly without having to worry about how you're possibly going to pay for it.

Don't get vehicle protection plans confused for extended warranties, however, because those can only be offered by the car's manufacturer and have more restrictions on them than our VPPs. So, what kinds of vehicle protection plans do we offer? Let's take a look at them below.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

If your vehicle gets totaled or stolen, our Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Plan will ease any resulting financial stresses. In short, if something happens that results in a total loss of your vehicle, GAP will help you get back onto your wheels. And, our service specials will ease the financial burden even more. If you need to file a claim, you can email us with the appropriate information and documents or call and talk to us to begin.

Vehicle Service Contracts

Have unexpected repairs that cost a little more than you budgeted for? Vehicle Service Contracts are here for your new and pre-owned cars. Whether your failure is electrical or mechanical in nature, this plan offers you extra protection to make sure you're not totally left out to the wolves when it comes to final maintenance costs.

Appearance Care Service Contracts

If you have a chip, scratch, dent, stain, or any other unforeseen cosmetic damage to your vehicle, Appearance Care Service Contracts can cover it. This form of auto protection works to keep your car looking as good as new, even if it's received a little too much love. There's no shame in wanting your vehicle to look as sharp as the day it came off the assembly line!

Tire & Wheel Protection

Without your tires, the comparable muscular system of the car, your vehicle simply wouldn't be a vehicle. Many people have, sadly, experienced the frustration that comes with being stuck on the side of the road thanks to a rogue UFO along the highway. Whether someone lost a Coke bottle, dropped some nails, or let a piece of plywood get away from them, even the smallest road hazard can be disastrous for your wheels. This car protection plan is vital because it's something that isn't often covered by a factory warranty. With Tire & Wheel Protection, we'll get your wheels fixed up and get you on the way home in a jiffy.

Contact Patriot Nissan for More Information

If you're interested in learning more about our vehicle protection plans, their prices, or how to enroll, let us know. We will be happy to walk you through all the nitty-gritty information. At Patriot Nissan, we want to make sure you're taken care of in any event, so we invite you to enroll in one of our VPPs today.

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