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Nissan Zero Gravity Seats

Every vehicle on the road has seats. From sports seating to captain's chairs and more, brands are doing what they can to make commutes and traffic more comfortable. Nissan was at the forefront of this concept as well, which is why they decided to create the patented Nissan Zero Gravity seats. Inspired by the weightlessness a human experiences in space, these ergonomic car seats assist in helping you maintain a neutral spine posture while driving. This technology gives Nissan some of the most comfortable car seats in the entire automotive sector. We invite you to visit our dealership in Salem, NH, so that you can experience the difference in our new Nissan cars for yourself. Keep reading to learn more about the science behind our Zero Gravity car seats.

What Are Zero Gravity Seats?

According to NASA, when a human is in space, their spine naturally takes a more neutral position, which in turn lessens the stress put on their joints and muscles. This neutral posture helps fight fatigue in your body. Now, you don't need to go to outer space to experience this feeling. You just need to sit in one of our Nissan Zero Gravity seats!

When you aren't in space, your body will naturally slump into a bad posture to reduce muscle fatigue. This slumping puts a ton of pressure on your spine and lower back. The Nissan Zero Gravity seats aim to fight that by incorporating 14 pressure points built into the seats that help guide you into a more neutral position. You won't feel any maneuvering. The positioning will happen naturally, so you don't have to do a thing to get the most out of this technology. The shape and structure of the Nissan Zero Gravity seats provide continuous support for your body to help maximize blood flow and keep your energy up on long commutes.

This means that your seats will help you maintain a better posture to help you fight fatigue when you are sitting in traffic. How cool is that?!

The Science Behind It

It took 10 years for the engineers at Nissan to create the Nissan Zero Gravity car seats. These seats were designed in the Yamazaki Laboratory at Keio University using seat simulators and muscular-skeletal models. The lab used biochemical analysis, overnight evaluations, and other tools to help get these seats just right. They also made sure to test on men and women of varying height and weight. The team was able to prove the reduction in muscular fatigue by taking blood samples that measured lactic acid.

All of the collected information was then used to create a seat that created optimal support in its initial shape alone. So while other cars may have gimmicks to mock comfort, Nissan has the science to prove their product is helping. So when you lease a Nissan with these ergonomic seats, you're getting more than just a great vehicle.

What Vehicles Have Nissan Zero Gravity Seats?

The Nissan Zero Gravity seats were first introduced in 2013 on the Nissan Altima. The Nissan Altima seats immediately began garnering attention that brought more customers to buy Nissan vehicles. Since then, Nissan has been able to add this technology to several other cars in their selection. These seats can now be found on a variety of different vehicles in the lineup, such as:

  • The Nissan Altima
  • The Nissan Maxima
  • The Nissan Kicks
  • The Nissan Rogue
  • The Nissan Murano
  • The Nissan Titan
  • The Nissan Titan XD

This list gives drivers a great variety so they can find a car, SUV, or truck with Nissan Zero Gravity seats.

Experience the Science for Yourself

We invite you to visit our dealership for a test drive to see what the science is all about. Although we can't let you head out for a long road trip, we are confident that you will see a difference in these seats on even a quick test drive.

If you have any other questions regarding the Nissan Zero Gravity seats, please feel free to let us know. Our Nissan specialists are standing by to assist you.