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What Is The Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Program?

If you want to know what’s included with any certified pre-owned Nissan vehicle, then you’ve come to the right spot! Patriot Nissan in Salem, NH, is here to help you navigate the terms and conditions of this fantastic program so that you can drive your next Nissan vehicle with total confidence. Check out our complete Nissan pre-owned inventory for all of our vehicles, or continue on this page for CPO benefits and more.

Nissan Certified Pre-Owned = Certified Pre-Awesomed

Some say that nothing beats the smell of a brand new car. What’s usually left unsaid is the lovely smell of all the savings you’ll enjoy from behind the wheel of a certified pre-owned Nissan. The Nissan Certified pre-owned warranty is so comprehensive that it almost doesn’t pay to go new! Let’s take a look at all of the benefits waiting for you. You’ll enjoy:

  • Seven-year/100k-mile limited powertrain warranty
  • A minimal $50 deductible
  • A CARFAX history report with buy-back protection
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Rental reimbursement credit
  • Trip protection
  • A complimentary three-month SiriusXM trial
  • Strict eligibility requirements

Drive off in any of our Nissan-certified specials and enjoy all of this extended protection from the factory. If you’re still wondering what certified pre-owned Nissan ownership will be like, we’ll cover that in the next section with a brief vehicle overview.

Certified Pre-Owned Nissan Vehicles Near Lawrence, MA

The journey of a lifetime begins with your search query at home. If you’ve typed in “Nissan certified pre-owned near me” and we’ve come up, it’s for very good reasons. We LOVE to see our customers enjoy their Nissan vehicles for years to come, and we take great pride in structuring a fantastic deal on the car you love. Here’s what we mean:

Our Nissan certified pre-owned financing often includes a special rate. So let’s say you fall in love with a certified pre-owned Nissan Rogue; consider filling out our convenient online credit app ahead of time. With an approval in place, you’ll be driving home in a vehicle whose warranty is as optimized as your rate! Seriously, if you’re thinking about a used Nissan Rogue, certified pre-owned is the way to go. Get into the award-winning compact SUV of your dreams, and enjoy extended coverage for the long haul.

Back to Nissan certified financing for a second. What does that even mean? When you come to us for a loan, you’ll be amazed that we can usually come out ahead of any lender that you’re pre-approved at. How do we do that? Your lender knows that they’ll sell you one loan every 5–10 years. We buy loans every day — dozens of them. So Nissan Financial optimizes the rate for our customers based on volume. Don’t you think you deserve that advantage? Lean on the strength of our certified pre-owned Nissan finance department and never look back.

Certified Pre-Owned Nissan FAQs

What does Nissan certified pre-owned cover?

While the standard certified pre-owned Nissan warranty is a seven-year/100k-mile limited warranty, it covers over 600+ items. Drive with peace of mind knowing that you’ll have help when you need it.

How much is a certified pre-owned Nissan warranty?

Free! When you purchase a certified pre-owned Nissan vehicle, like the popular Nissan Altima certified pre-owned sedan, the warranty is built into the price of the vehicle. The only out-of-pocket expense you’ll incur is a nominal $50 deductible on qualified repairs.

Is the battery covered under the Nissan certified pre-owned warranty?

Yes. When you upgrade your certified pre-owned Nissan warranty to the Security+ Package, you’ll enjoy electrical component coverage in addition to a $0 deductible.

Is it worth having a certified pre-owned Nissan?

Always! In addition to driving away in a Nissan vehicle that’s like new in many ways, you’ll enjoy the kind of coverage that you would get when it was new. And then some.

Is a Nissan certified pre-owned warranty transferable?

Sure is. But only once within an active warranty period. This benefit is ideal if you sell your Nissan vehicle to another person while owning it under the warranty period. You add value for your buyer and can benefit financially over a seller offering a vehicle without being a certified pre-owned Nissan.

What is the Nissan 167-point certified pre-owned inspection?

This comprehensive inspection helps us offer you a Nissan vehicle that you can believe in. All certified pre-owned Nissan vehicles must be newer than six years old with less than 80k miles. From there, we inspect just about every major component. We check tires, electrical, fuel delivery, powertrain, hydraulics, brakes, cosmetics, brake & lamp, telematics, and more. A more appropriate question would be: What don’t we check?

Patriot Nissan. The Freedom to Drive.

There’s nothing like that sense of freedom when you get into the car you love (like a Nissan Sentra certified pre-owned, perhaps) and hit the open road — EXCEPT maybe the assurance of knowing that the certified pre-owned Nissan warranty is there for you if you need it. So hit up our sales associates to square your deal away. Then hit the road knowing that you made one of the best decisions ever! Looking for that perfect Nissan Rogue? Pre-owned, certified pre-owned, or perhaps one with a remaining new car warranty? Whichever way you go, we can’t wait to see you here at Patriot Nissan!

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