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New EV Charging Location in New Hampshire near Massachusetts

New Electric Vehicle Charging Station in New Hampshire

An EV charging station is closer than you think - in fact, we have one right here at Patriot Nissan! This page will tell you more about this brave new world, what it means for you as an EV driver, and where to go (and how to) top-up. If you're new to the EV-mobility world, we'll encourage you to get your first taste of electrification from our affordable used EV cars for sale. Once you're behind the wheel, you can enjoy emission-free driving and the joys of leaving fossil fuels in your dust.

Charge your electric car at Patriot Nissan

Charge Up Your EV Vocabulary

As with any new technology, there's a learning curve. And if we're honest about it, there are a few unknowns that drive some resistance. But the truth is, owning an EV is easier than ever before, and things like range anxiety and charging inconveniences are a thing of the past. So if you're on the road with your new EV in search of electric vehicle charging stations near Salem and you don't know what to do, the following points should help you:

  • Your NAV Is Your Friend - If you're driving an EV, your car is new enough to be equipped with a navigation feature that will show you where the nearest charging location is. Much like when a gas engine vehicle runs low, and little fuel pumps dot your navigation map, EV charging stations will pop up so you can easily find one. See your owner's manual to activate this feature.
  • EVs Can Charge Faster Than You Think - Did the checkout person at the gas station tell you you'll never find electric charging stations in New Hampshire? Wrong! And what's more, it doesn't take long for your vehicle to charge up on the go. The average miles per hour at a Level 2 station is between 20 and 30 miles. If your vehicle is equipped with a higher capacity onboard charger, you might see 60 miles charged every hour.
  • Volts, kW, kWh's, Oh My! - There are a lot of new terms that come with this latest technology. Here are definitions of three new terms that you need to know. Volts are the electrical equivalent of water pressure — the more volts, the more pressure. The kilowatt (kW) is the net amount of power. So you might see vehicles listed with a 60-kW, 80-kW, or 120-kW battery pack. In a sense, kW size is the "size of your engine" and subsequent power capabilities (much like saying a 4-cylinder engine, 6-cyl, 8-cyl, etc.). A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is an "amount" of electric power and is the electric equivalent of a "gallon of gas." On average, 30 kWh yields 100 miles.
Finding EV Charging Stations in New Hampshire

Finding EV Charging Stations in New Hampshire

Let's say you've charged up at an electric vehicle charging station in Salem and have traveled through the Granite State to visit grandma, hang out with some friends, or take in some incredible scenery. You've put some miles on the clock and wonder where to charge once you're on the go. All major providers have locations, including EVgo, ChargePoint, and Electrify America.

Here's another hot tip: We've got a Level-2 charger on-site at Patriot Nissan. This charger is available to anyone with a PHEV (plugin hybrid) or EV. All other makes and models are welcome! Here's how it works. When you come on-site to use our Level-2 charger, introduce yourself at reception and ask to speak with a sales manager. The reason for this is there may be another vehicle on the charger or scheduled for it. Our team will ensure you get in and out in a timely fashion.

Once your vehicle is charging, you're welcome to be our guest. Enjoy our complimentary WiFi and get work done while you relax. As your vehicle recharges, you can, too. We've got plenty of refreshments (including the caffeinated kind) for you to enjoy. While you're here, you can speak with an EV specialist about home-charging upgrades or explore our customer benefits like the Patriot Lifetime Warranty. Patriot gives you the freedom to live your emission-free life to the fullest with our EV services.

Our EV Charging Stations near Massachusetts & FAQs

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Our EV Charging Stations near Massachusetts & FAQs

We hope you've enjoyed some of the eye-opening information on this page. Owning and driving an electrified vehicle is easier than ever. This trend will continue as our national network of charging stations increases. There's never been a better time to get behind the wheel of one of our Nissan Leaf specials. Take home the most affordable EV in America and enjoy our network of local charging stations, often at no cost.

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

There are a few speeds that an electric vehicle can charge at. Our primary voltage is 110-V. This is the current voltage in wall outlets, and anyplace else you'd stick a toaster, a computer, etc. If you charge your EV this way, you will charge, on average, at a rate of about 5 miles for every hour. If you have a Level 2 charger (220-V) installed at home (or at some public location), you can charge anywhere from about 20-60 miles per hour, depending on your vehicle's equipment. Other fast-charging stations can deliver a whopping 150-miles of range in about 30 minutes.

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