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Patriot Nissan's Commitment to Community Service

Patriot Nissan Community Service - Mission To Serve

Our Mission Is To Serve

It's really quite simple. Our Mission Statement is two words - To Serve.  We serve our customers, our community our families, and each other.  It's much more than just selling cars. It is about caring for our community, taking an active role and working to make things better. To do that, it means more than just writing checks. It means actively engaging and partnering with other charitable and non-profit organizations, helping them help others.  We do this because it is the right thing to do.

We welcome you to contact us to learn more about our involvement in the Salem, NH community and how you can join us in working toward building a better community for all!

CLICK the images below to read about the events we have created in partnership with other organizations.

Click on Little Angels Service Dogs
Litle Angels Service Dogs
Click on "Service Drive Five For Veterans"
Service Drive Five For Veterans

Click On Nissan Food Drive w/ Boys and Girls Club
Patriot Nissan Food Drive  Boys and Girls Club

Click On "Dog Days of Summer” with Salem Animal Rescue
Patriot Nissan Fundraiser Salem Animal Rescue

Click On Homeland Heroes Foundation  2019 "Veterans Lunch"
Patriot Nissan Veterans Day Free Lunch

Click On Homeland Heroes Foundation 2020 "Veterans Lunch"
Patriot Nissan Homeland Heroes Lunch 2020

Click on Red Cross Blood Drive During “Covid-19"
Working Through Covid-19

Click On “Boys and Girls Club Greater Salem”
Boys and Girls Club Greater Salem

Click on "Nashua Children’s Home"
Nashua Children’s Home
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